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Current Members  |  Alumni

Chen Bao
Ph.D. 2016 | Current: Shell Oil
Dissertation: Understanding hydrological and geochemical controls on solute concentrations at the watershed scale.

Michael Cavazza
B.S. 2016 | Current: Shell Oil
Dissertation: Reducing freshwater consumption in the Marcellus Shale Play by recycling flowback with acid mine drainage

Peilin Cao
Ph.D. 2015 (co-advised with Z. Karpyn) | Current: Chevron
Dissertation: Investigation of cement alteration and associated conductivity change in CO2-rich environments relevant to geological carbon sequestration

Jessie Chao
M.S. 2014
Dissertation: Calcite dissolution impacted by spatial zonation
Current: PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia

Mariya Skocik
M.S. 2014
Dissertation: Effects of spatial heterogeneity on calcite dissolution rates
Current: Chevron

Rebecca Fogarty
M.S. 2014
Dissertation: Mobilization of Heavy Metals upon Release of Marcellus Shale Wastewaters
Current: Chevron

Robert Follet
B.S. 2013
Dissertation: Magnesite dissolution rates affected by inlet flow velocity and mineral spatial distribution
Current: Tug Hill Operating

Evan Frye
M.S., 2011 | LinkedIn
Dissertation: The impact of CO2 on surface and groundwater chemistry
Current: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Nitin Gawande
Postdoc, 2010 – 2011
Current: Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory (PNNL)

Peyman Heidari
Ph.D., 2015
Dissertation: Effects of physical and chemical heterogeneities on transport and reaction processes in porous media
Current: Assistant professor at M.U.S.T.

Sruthi Kakaturu
B.S., 2017 | LinkedIn
Dissertation: concentration discharge relationship in a connection with end-members and flow paths in a model catchment
Current: ASC group, Inc.

Changhe Qiao
Ph. D., 2015 (co-advised with R. Johns and J. Xu),
Dissertation: General Purpose Compositional Model, Simulation and Fast Linear Solver for Multiphase Reactive Flow
Current: Susquehanna International Group

Li Wang
Ph.D., 2015
Dissertation: The role of connectivity on chromium sorption on illite
Current: Assistant professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Fatemeh Saleihikhoo
Ph.D., 2015
Dissertation: Effect of Chemical Spatial Distribution of Magnesite on its dissolution Rate
Current: Postdoc at University of Wyoming

Vikranth K. Surasani
Postdoc, 2011 – 2013
Current: Assistant professor at Birla Institute of Science and Technology, India

Javier Vilcaez
Postdoc 2010 – 2011
Current: Assistant professor at Oklahoma State University

Hongfei Wu
Postdoc, 2011 – 2012
Current: Halliburton, Houston